Ellaism - A stable network with no premine and no dev fees

Ellaism is built by the community. Below, we list several persons that have contributed a significant amount to Ellaism in the last month. If you would like to be included in this page, please feel free to ask on our Discord server during the weekly dev meeting (every Saturday 4pm UTC).

Core Active Developers

Below are developers who actively maintain and develop softwares for Ellaism. If you are a developer, consider joining the Ellaism development efforts!

  • "ellaismer": Go/Rust Developer. Creator of Ellaism.
  • Steve Mulligan: Developing iOS/Android mobile wallets for Ellaism.

We would also like to thank all contributors of the Ellaism project.

Core Community Members

Below are community members leading the current marketing/operation efforts. If you want to help in Ellaism development, consider joining one of our current working groups, or create and lead a new working group. All information on this can be found in our Discord server.

  • "Afex": Leading our current marketing efforts, and helping to manage the Twitter accounts.
  • "Alexander" Leading our current marketing efforts
  • "limax": Leading the August hard-fork communications.
  • Denis Vantur: Leading the exchange listing effort.

Working Groups

Working groups represent efforts in the community to improve some specific aspects of Ellaism. You can learn more about how to join different working groups in our Discord server. The current active working groups are:

  • Code of Conduct Working Group (#code-of-conduct): Discuss and improve Ellaism community Code of Conduct, moderate community channels to provide a healthy environment, and fight with spams.
  • Summer of Code Working Group (#summer-of-code): Initiated by "limax". A set of development tutorials on blockchain, happening this summer.
  • Mobile Wallets Working Group (#mobile-wallets): Develop mobile wallets for Ellaism, led by Steve Mulligan.
  • WebAssembly Hard Fork Working Group (#wasm-hardfork): Discuss and communicate Ellaism's August hard fork information to users, exchanges and mining pools.
  • Website Development Working Group (#website-development): Design and develop a better website for Ellaism.
  • Exchange Listings Working Group (#exchange-listings): Work on getting Ellaism listed in more exchanges.
  • Social Networks Working Group (#social-networks): Discuss and manage various Ellaism-related social network accounts.
  • Swag Store Working Group (#swag-store): Initiated by Nathan R. Fish. Provide gears and other items related to Ellaism.