Community Project Bounties

A list of projects for the community to work on together

Community Project Bounties

This is a list of projects with potential bounties. Currently there are no agreed upon bounties and the community must vote on what projects are applicable and how much bounty they are worth. This list in the current state is being compiled for community feedback.

Development Tasks

  • OpenAlias addressing support
    • iOS Wallet
    • Android Wallet
    • MyEtherWallet
    • Ellaism Chrome Extension
  • Tip Bot "Make it Rain"
  • New explorer (incurs monthly fee)
  • Dapp migration, looking for suggestions
  • Community Bounty system to let you donate/vote for projects
  • Ledger Nano S support
    • Ledger in MyEtherWallet
  • Trezor Support
  • Gas Price & Gas Limit in main explorer might be incorrect. Checking TX status from shows correct values for comparison. show price in wei.
  • Discord Ella Trading Signals bot, report when large volumes or prices changes happen

Marketing Tasks

  • Binace Community Coin of the Month Application
  • Fix reported errors from marketing page on Wiki Marketing,
  • Increase number of Discord users
  • Tutorials bring more attention and involvement: parity video, multisig txt/video
  • Promoted tweets (@Magger suggested 2000 ELLA for 1 time thing)
  • Promotial work (@Magger from Discord suggested 6000 ELLA depending on how long and what is involed)
  • Community Manager Role (Start Meetings, post monthly updates etc)


  • Tutorial for writing Rust smart contracts
  • Tutorial for writing WASM smart contracts in other languages
  • Tutorial for using ENS
  • Medium post about how to incorporate Ellaism into your course curriculum
  • While the society has very little knowledge about the cryptosphere, need to educate the public about the basics of using crypto currency, to tell about the most known and widespread fraudulent schemes used to steal funds.