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History of Project (Past)
*Block 1 was mined on September 11 2017. *

What position is the Project in right now? (Current situation)
*At the start of August 2018, we enabled Web Assembly VM. The development team is currently setting up a virtual lab to introduce smart contract developers to the Rust workflow. Our short term vision is to make the process of onboarding smart contract developers as frictionless as possible.

Long term vision of the Project and how you expect to get there (Future)*

Detailed Roadmap and Milestones

Description of Token/Coin (Utility/Use Cases)
*Ellaism is an Ethereum compatible network who primary use case is providing a platform for developers to deploy smart contracts using Web Assembly. We were the first Ethereum compatible network to offer a Web Assembly VM on the main net.

Since Ethereum will be adding WASM support in a couple years, we allow smart contract developers to get experience writing smart contracts in other languages such as Rust in a live production environment.

Is there already a Platform or Application released where you are able to use your token?

Please list all the competitors in this field. What edge do you have over your competitors?
*We feel our competitors are other Ethereum compatible networks. However, we expect this role to shift to collaborators when para-chains and side chains become more important to
developers. *

How many users (registered & active) do you currently have?

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Who is on your team? What are their background and history? What notable projects have they done in the past? Please provide the Linkedln and/or Github links of all core members.

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Are any of your team members not full-time?

Are any of your team members involved in other projects, coins, or work?

If yes, please list all other projects they are currently working on.

Who are your advisors and how have they each helped or plan to help your project?

Please provide instructions on how to integrate your wallet?

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