A list of the explorers maintained by the community

Ellaism Explorers

Primary Explorer


This explorer speaks directly to the RPC endpoint to ensure your results are accurate. It's proximity to the main RPC end point makes this the most reliable way to check recent activity on the Ellaism network. The trade off for this accuracy is using this explorer is very resource intensive when making queries over many days. For this reason, we ask for a small donation if you want to see more than 24 hours of transactions.

To unlock the all transactions, please send a small amount of ELLA to 0x4aaad871293c4581edb580e99fb6613b0a3bc488. This contract will evenly split your donation, send them to Dev Fund and Community Fund, and then mint you an equal amount of DONATE token, which you can check and transfer on EllaWallet. Any donation will grant you one day of use for the "Show All Transactions" functionality in the explorer. You will only be able to see the full transaction history of the account from which the donation is sent.

Secondary Explorer

https://limax-explorer.outdoordevs.com ( secondary domain, explorer not hosted by Outdoor Devs)

This explorer is hosted by Limax. It is faster and without any history constraints because it continually stores the chain updates to a database which is faster to read. Results may not be as accurate as the primary explorer and you may need to ask @limax in Discord to give it a kick if it stops responding.

API End Points

The API end points that we use for Trust Wallet and Lunary Ethereum Wallet are all public and can be used by other developers. They are however without documentation at this stage. You can check the trust-ray repo if you want to read the code yourself. Ask @Steve in Discord for more information.

Steve has added endpoints in the past by request. Feel free to ask him for anything you need.

Example: This endpoint was added by request for @Cryptominer https://trustray.outdoordevs.com/raw_balance?address=