![Logo](/uploads/logo.png "Logo"){.pagelogo} <!-- TITLE: Parity --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Ellaism - A stable network with no premine and no dev fees --> Parity is an Ethereum client, written from the ground-up for correctness-verifiability, modularisation, low-footprint and high-performance. To this end it utilises the Rust language, a hybrid imperative/OO/functional language with an emphasis on efficiency. It is developed by Parity Technologies, a VC-funded UK-based company. Parity aim to have all important logic 100% unit-tested, all public APIs 100% documented, all code reviewed by multiple peers and follow a pipelined 7-ish-week release cycle similar to the Rust compiler. Parity comes with an extensive, in-built Ethereum Wallet and Dapp environment. It includes: * Accounts and address-book. * Key creation, importing and exporting. * Web3 Ðapp browser. * Hardware and electronic cold-wallet support. * Name registry support. * Contract development, deployment and interaction environment. Download Parity from [official repository](https://github.com/paritytech/parity/releases) Run with: ``` parity --chain ellaism ``` Include the *--author yourellaaddress* parameter if you plan to mine using this node. [Official documentation](https://wiki.parity.io)