<!-- TITLE: Community Project Bounties --> <!-- SUBTITLE: How to see the list of bounties and how to post a bounty --> The Ellaism community is run by volunteers and donations for the most part. If you are passionate about a particular subject, you can post a bounty to attract the attention of volunteers from inside the Ella community. Bounties are also an effective way to introduce the Ellaism network to a large pool of individuals with experience in eth, web3 and crypto in general. # Bounties Network Join us in trying out the [Bounties Network](https://explorer.bounties.network) platform, a decentralized topic funding system that lets you stake ETH or **any ERC-20** token towards a project. All you need is a Web3 enabled browser and an Ethereum account to use the site. [All Ellaism Bounties](https://explorer.bounties.network/explorer?bountyStage=active%2Ccompleted%2Cexpired%2Cdead&platform=bounties-network&category=ellaism) If you create a bounty, be sure to tag it with the **Ellaism** category so people from the community can easily find it. ![Bounty Category](/uploads/bounty-category.png "Bounty Category") # Gitcoin [Gitcoin](https://gitcoin.co/) is another bounty system that works similar to Bounties Network. It requires Meta Mask and allows you to post bounties in ETH and a variety of ERC-20 tokens. Projects seeking fund may also be interested in [Gitcoin Grants](https://gitcoin.co/grants/) which is sort of like a decentralized Patreon. People can make automatic recurring monthly donations to your project.