![Logo](/uploads/logo.png "Logo"){.pagelogo} <!-- TITLE: Tutorials --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A stable network with no premine and no dev fees --> # Ellaism ERC-20 Tokens [This tutorial](/tutorials/create-and-deploy-ellaism-tokens) will walk your through creating Ellaism ERC-20 tokens, adding them to mobile wallets and how to do an air drop. The tutorial covers Solidy and Python Web3. # Ellaism OpenAlias Tutorial [This tutorial](/tutorials/ellaism-openalias-howto) will explain how to create an OpenAlias DNS record for your domain so you can map an Ellaism address to a domain name or email address. Send money to steve@outdoordevs.com instead of 0xF08d00694Ff9aDbE37960030fE622EdEa35Eb48F. # Setup an Ellaism node [This tutorial](tutorials/setup-an-ellaism-node) Check the work of the NODE here https://stats.ellaism.org/ If you have any questions, please contact me PM @Alexander in the channel Discord https://discord.gg/KUChqm2