![Logo](/uploads/logo.png "Logo"){.pagelogo} <!-- TITLE: Wallets --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Ellaism - A stable network with no premine and no dev fees --> * [Ellaism Shell](https://github.com/ellaism/shell/releases) Ellaism-branded desktop wallet and dapp browser. * [Ellaism Wallet](https://itunes.apple.com/si/app/ellaism-wallet/id1397079303?mt=8) Ellaism-branded iOS wallet and dapp browser. * [Ellaism Wallet](https://github.com/ellaism/Lunary-Ethereum-Wallet) BETA Ellaism-branded Android wallet. * [MyCrypto](https://mycrypto.com) Choose ELLA from the top-right dropdown menu. * [MyEtherWallet](https://myetherwallet.com) Choose ELLA from the top-right dropdown menu. * [Ellaism Web Wallet](https://ellaism.github.io/ellawallet) Easiest wallet option besides MyEtherWallet. Hosted directly on Github. Supports Trezor hardware wallet. * [Ellaism Chrome Extension Wallet](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/myellawallet/bgfofdgebpphdhddggaggeafenegbjef) Runs in a sandbox in your Chrome browser. Functionality is similar to the web wallet, but technically safer.