Ellaism - A stable network with no premine and no dev fees

Ellaism Tokens

A collection of known tokens on the Ellaism network

Wallet Endpoint

The iOS wallet includes a token search end point that you can use to list all the tokens on the Ellaism network.

Adding your own image

If you want to add an image to the iOS wallet, fork the repo:

Add your image to docs/images/tokens/

The image should be address of the contract all lowercase with a .png extension. Images should be 256x256 pixels.


Dev Pool Mining Token

Given away when mining on the dev pool.

Contract Address: 0x991e7fe4b05f2b3db1d788e705963f5d647b0044

0 X 991 E 7 Fe 4 B 05 F 2 B 3 Db 1 D 788 E 705963 F 5 D 647 B 0044

Ellaism Donation Token

Given away when donating.

Contract Address: 0x4aaad871293c4581edb580e99fb6613b0a3bc488, 0x40dbccedbdd945a4704734a0557ed75110b4fb21



Given away when mining on the dev pool.

Contract Address: 0x229d4d1864d79224ff224021d8bb2f7a9f76ea96

0 X 229 D 4 D 1864 D 79224 Ff 224021 D 8 Bb 2 F 7 A 9 F 76 Ea 96


Outdoor Devs Token

Created for testing iOS and Android token support. Around 150 tokens were sent to ~25k Ellaism addresses. The list of addresses consited of any addresses that had every sent or receive and value transaction and also had a balance of more than 1 ella.

The complete list of addresses, source code for the token and python script to send all the tokens can be found here.

Contract Address: 0xa7611d0d35ba4e0dcb469f2c34a5833ec4f4224f

Contract Address: 0xa7611d0d35ba4e0dcb469f2c34a5833ec4f4224f