OpenAlias Introduction

A brief introduction to OpenAlias


OpenAlias allows you to use domain style addressing. It's easier to remember than it is to remember 0xF08d00694Ff9aDbE37960030fE622EdEa35Eb48F. You can tie a domain name to any cryptocurrency address with OpenAlias.

The standard was created and is currently maintained by the Monero dev team.

How to do it

If you have your own domain name you can create OpenAlias records for it in a few easy steps.

  1. Make sure your domain name has DNSSec enabled.
  2. Create your OpenAlias records.
  3. Test your OpenAlias records.

Current Issues

If you setup OpenAlias records now, you should consider yourself a pre-early adopter. These are a few of the problems you might encounter.

  1. DNSSec is required and it's not universal yet.
  2. Not a lot of services support it. Unless your machine is resolving against DNS servers that use DNSSec, OpenAlias is not safe to use from a browser.
  3. Verifying a chain of trust is not easy and not well documented.

If you are a developer, the Ellaism OpenAlias Rest Api can help with all of these problems.